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“At the beginning of the new Millennium, the poverty of billions of men and women is ‘the one issue that most challenges our human and Christian consciences'.”

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, (2004, #449)

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'Surviving, not living': disadvantage in Melbourne

Disadvantage in Melbourneby Dr Sheila Cameron and Bruce Duncan
Melbourne: Catholic Social Services Victoria, 2001, pp. 48. Used with permission CSSV.

Minding the commonweal

Minding the commonwealby Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R
Eureka Street (November 1992), 32-33, 35.  A review of Common Wealth for the Common Good. A Statement on the Distribution of Wealth in Australia.

Catholic efforts to combat unemployment

Catholic efforts to combat unemployment by Bruce Duncan CSsR
This paper considers how the Catholic Church internationally and in Australia has grappled with the issues of work and unemployment since Pope Leo XIII’s 1981 encyclical, On the Condition of the Working Class (Rerum Novarum).
The Australasian Catholic Record, January 2004, pages 17 - 31. Republished with permission.

Ending Hunger: how far can we go?

Ending Hunger: how far can we go? by Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R
Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, 2005, pp. 38. Catholic Social Justice Series no. 53.

The UN Millennium Goals as a Godsend

The UN Millennium Goals as a GodsendBy Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R
at the national launch of Ending Hunger - how far can we go? Micah, (July 2005), 1-3.

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Church and Social justice
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Stewardship of our planet
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‘Divine mathematics', Courtesy 'xtinabot', flickr CC
‘Divine mathematics', Courtesy 'xtinabot', flickr CC
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