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"The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul."

G. K. Chesterton
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The Yarra Institute seeks to engage people in research and debate about public policy. Below are articles pertaining to various aspects of Religion and Social Policy. We welcome contributions to this column.

Refugees in Australia: An English View

Refugees in AustraliaBy Sally May
Immigration is a key issue in Australia. Until the 1960s, the government encouraged migrants to assimilate into Australian society, but due to the fact that many migrants had not even basic knowledge of the English language, this policy became unrealistic. As a consequence, the policy of multiculturalism was introduced. While multiculturalism recognised that ethnic communities could maintain their unique culture and language without risk to their Australian citizenship, there is evidence of ‘slippage’ in this policy. Photo:Kenaz Matthew, flickr cc

Making Sense of Faith in the Age of Science and Technology

By Professor John R Pilbrow.
This addess was presented John R Pilbrow, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Monash University, at St Paul's Cathedral, pn 16 August 2009 as part of science week. Professor Pilbrow examines the compatibility of science and faith, and their different methodologies. Photo: Courtesy wallyg, flickr CC

Living in a Pluralistic World

Photo: Courtesy jef safi, flickr CCBy Brian Lewis.
In our pluralistic society, cooperation occurs in almost every form of personal activity with other people. Cooperation becomes a moral issue when activity is judged to be morally wrong. Are there moral limits to collaboration with others? How far may we go before cooperative activity with the wrongdoing of others, even though it may not be wrong in itself, becomes morally wrong? How are we to assess such limitations? Photo: Courtesy jef safi, flickr CC

Wisdom of the Heart

By Brian Lewis.
Dr Lewis considers the sources of morality as the search for deepest wellbeing for oneself and others, and how we make decisions to discern and pursue the good in our lives.Courtesy jef safi, Flickr Creative Commons

Safeguarding Human Rights

Human RightsBy Brian Lewis.
In light of the government enquiry under Fr Frank Brennan into the desirability of adopting a national charter of human rights, Dr Lewis examines the meaning and development of human rights, and Christian thought and action on human rights over the centuries, including debates about religious freedom.Photo courtey 'rahengo' Flickr


Tax havens - A Moral Problem

Tax havens - A Moral Problem By Cal Ledsham.
Tax evasion and avoidance remain serious problems for governments in their effort to maintain services and community wellbeing. Dr Ledsham examines how this affects Australia , and the moral dimensions involved. (25 April 09) Photo courtesy GossamerLL Flickr CC

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