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It is now well established that lengthy periods in detention cause significant mental health problems for asylum seekers.
Tony Ward
Long-term health costs of extended mandatory detention of asylum seekers    Minimize

Tony Ward Long-term health costs of extended mandatory detention of asylum seekers

This report is the first part of a project by the Yarra Institute for Religion and Social Policy, funded by the Good Shepherd Australia and New Zealand. The project aims at developing mechanisms to assist the processing of asylum seekers, and to improve the ease of transition into Australian society for successful asylum claimants.

Dr Tony Ward is an economist and director of Milbur consulting who has also done relevant project costing. Dr Ward's report, Long-term health costs of extended mandatory detention of asylum seekers,  was launched in October 2011, and is availabel for $15 plus $5 postage from the office of the Yarra Institute. It is also available online

Caz Coleman and Tony Ward: Best practice in settlement for asylum seekers and refugees

Previously director of Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project in Melbourne and a member of a government advisory committee, Caz Coleman has had considerable involvement in resettling asylum seekers and refugees in the most humane and effective way. Drawing on her extensive experience, she has outlined what has worked well in the past, and how to extend the community settlement schemes in Australia. The project intends to help shape government policy and inform public opinion about better policies for asylum seekers.

With funding from the Good Shepherd Foundation, the Yarra Institute has commissioned research on how to transform Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers so that they avoid lengthy periods of detention, and to ensure adequate support for settlement in the community.

The initial researchers were Dr Erin Wilson from RMIT, who has considerable expertise in this area, and the economist, Dr Tony Ward. His costings are important in showing that screening of asylum seekers for health and security checks can be done much more cheaply, with much better outcomes for refugees and Australian taxpayers.

In late 2011 Dr Erin Wilson relocated overseas and Caz Coleman joined with Dr Ward in jointly developing the project on best practice models for community detention and resettlement policies for refugees and asylum seekers. The project is currently (early 2014) being considered by a mainstream publisher. The project was supervised by Drs Rowan Ireland and Bruce Duncan. Photo 'ianmackenz', flickr CC

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